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Volunteer of the Month

Ahmed Bashir Yousif

Ahmed Bashir

Ahmed Bashir Yousif is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month.

Ahmed has been a volunteer translator at Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) for 12 years and over time has helped many clients by translating various documents for the Language Bank.  He is a champion volunteer everyone would want on their team, with close to 300 hours of volunteered work so far.

“As one of our most passionate volunteer translators, Ahmed never ceases to amaze me with his long-term commitment in supporting the Language Bank. Whenever a translation request is sent out, Ahmed is usually one of the first to respond. Many thanks to you, Ahmed, from the bottom of my heart!” – Lisa Yi Cai, Translations/Project Administrator

“I have worked with Ahmed for many years while in the Language Bank team, and knew I could always count on him. He sets the standard high for volunteer translators: always professional in his work, fast, and accurate. Thank you, Ahmed, for all the projects you helped us complete!” – Alina Ghita-Visinescu, Volunteer Developer

Ahmed was born and raised in Sudan, living most of the time in the capital city of Khartoum. Prior to moving to Canada (Ontario) in 2003, he lived and worked in three different Arabic-speaking countries: Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

“I moved to Calgary in September 2005 to join a Master Program at the University of Calgary and have lived here since. After Khartoum, Calgary is the city I have lived in the longest. My favourite season here is the summer, because I enjoy going to the Banff area, rafting on the Bow River, and riding my motorcycle.

Back in 2006, a colleague from the university told me about ISC. There was a shortage of Arabic translators, so I contacted them and have volunteered since with the Language Bank.

I enjoy working with ISC because it gives me the exposure to different cultures. Although my work with ISC is only translating between Arabic and English, it gives me the opportunity to learn about Arabic language usage in different countries.”

We too enjoy working with you, Ahmed, and are proud to call you our Volunteer of the Month! Congratulations!