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Our Team

Our board of directors, staff and volunteers represent compassion, dedication and diversity in everything they do. More than 130 of our staff members have migrated from countries around the world and have worked together to support immigrants and refugees new to the Calgary community. Immigrant Services Calgary’s valued volunteers form an important part of our team. We offer rewarding and exciting career and volunteer opportunities for members of our community interested in helping immigrants and their families become fully integrated members of Canadian society.

2020-2021 Board of Directors
Ms. Shirley Philips
Chair of the Board
Ms. Rhona Delfrari
First Vice-Chair
Mr. Chandy Mung
Ms. Lisa Clarke
Ms. Ada Adeleke-Kelani
Ms. Claudia Wendrich
Mr. László Varsányi
Mr. Darryl Lobo
Mr. Wai Ki
Ms. Jill Gao
Mr. James Lam

Executive and Senior Management Team
Mr. Hyder Hassan
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Geoff Couldrey
Chief Operating Officer
Ms. Michelle Johnson
Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Casey Kennedy
Newcomer Services Director
Ms. Jillian McDonald
Director, Program Innovation
Ms. Vivien Lok
Settlement Manager
Ms. Biljana Tratnik
Assessment Services Manager
Ms. Natalia Vizdoaga
Human Resources Manager
Ms. Erika Tan
Event Lead
Ms. Sarah Sultan
Executive Assistant