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Immigrant Services Calgary is a partner in Gateway—a collaborative of over 75 partners working together to connect newcomers to the best-fit services in the community.

By joining Gateway, you can access hundreds of programs and services, which help you:

  • Settle in Canada
  • Find employment
  • Access language training
  • Prepare your children for school
  • Become a part of the Calgary community

…And more!

How Gateway Works

Starting is easy

You contact Gateway to get support with reaching your goals.

My plan

A planner works with you to create a unique plan based on your goals, skills, and priorities.

Quick match

Your plan connects you to the right programs and services in the community.

Dreams become reality

You start reaching your goals and are on your way to building the life you had envisioned for yourself.

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Why Gateway Works

Each newcomer story is different, which is why each Gateway client receives a unique plan based on their dreams, goals, skills, and priorities.


programs and services available to help newcomers succeed


languages spoken by support staff to eliminate language barriers


partners working together to ensure newcomers are connected to the best-fit services in the community

Gateway provides multi-language services