Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Immigrant Services Calgary we strongly believe in the privacy of personal information obtained for settlement and integration purposes. Because of this, we have developed a Privacy Policy that emphasizes the protection of information from visitors to our website and offices, and we value the trust placed in us to responsibly manage that information that is obtained.

If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Communications and Marketing.

On our website we offer many features like event signups and newsletter subscriptions that do not require any personal information. We collect only limited personal information to respond to online requests, such as collecting an email address to respond to inquiries or provide updates on information relevant to settlement and integration in Canada. Immigrant Services Calgary will not disclose any client information to a third party unless it is reasonably necessary for them to participate in an activity, such as a partner's registration event, or enrolment in another program relevant to the client's needs (and only with informed consent). 

Personal information collected is used solely by Immigrant Services Calgary to provide a fulfillment of services, such as receiving immigration counselling, improving our website, fulfilling requests, or administering contests. Personal information collected will not be sold or transferred to third parties.

We may offer links to other websites that are not operated by Immigrant Services Calgary. We are not responsible for the policies and practices of these other entities. If you visit one of these linked websites, you should review their privacy and other policies.

Privacy Principles

Principle 1

We are accountable for the personal information that we collect about you. We are committed to ensure that we comply with our Privacy Guidelines and that these Privacy Principles are adhered to whenever Immigrant Services Calgary, or other entities acting on behalf of Immigrant Services Calgary, collect and/or use your personal information.

Principle 2

We will identify the purposes before collecting your information. We will only collect personal information for purposes directly associated with our business activities, and we will be transparent in the intent for this information collection. Before we collect any information, we will explain the reasons for collecting it. You may withdraw your consent to our use of personal information at any time.

Principle 3

We require your knowledge and consent to collect, use, and disclose your personal information. We only collect and use your personal information in permittance with the laws and policies of the City of Calgary, Government of Alberta, and Government of Canada. We also reserve the right to collect, use, or disclose any information as needed to satisfy any law, regulation, or legal responsibility in order to protect our legitimate organizational interests, fulfill your requests, or coorperate in law enforcement investigations on the matter of public safety.

Principle 4

We will only collect your information necessary for the identified purposes. We will collect this information lawfully and fairly and ensure that any use of your information is within the scope of your provision.

Principle 5

Occasionally, with your permission, we will send marketing information to you about programs and services related to immigrant settlement, supports, and opportunities or services available within the community. If you do not consent to receive such materials, we will not send them to you. 

Principle 6

In the course of managing our operations, Immigrant Services Calgary may share personal information with other entities such as consultants, professional advisors, or immigrant serving agencies. Any entity with which we share personal information is required to comply with these Guidelines. Engagement with these entities outside Immigrant Services Calgary would be used to perform a function for which the information was initially provided and may not be used for other purposes outside the scope of information provision for immigrant-related supports.