Canada introduces a new temporary program to support Palestinians affected by the war in Gaza

In response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the Government of Canada has introduced new temporary immigration measures to support family members of Canadians and permanent residents from the region, as well as Israelis and Palestinians already in Canada.

The following are eligible under the new measures:

  • Foreign national family members of Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents who have left Israel and Palestine, either with their family members or of their own accord, since the onset of the current conflict
  • Palestinians and Israelis already in Canada who feel unsafe returning to the region

For Palestinians in Gaza (outside of Canada):

Palestinians in Gaza, who are able to exit the conflict zone can receive access to the Temporary Residents Pathway Program (TRV) upon arrival to Canada.

To qualify for the TRV program, individuals must:

  • live in Gaza
  • be related to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who lives or intends to live in Canada
  • be supported in Canada by a Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident for a period of 1 year

Upon arrival in Canada, Palestinians can apply for:

  • A fee-exempt study permit or a fee-exempt open work permit after entering Canada, which will allow Palestinians to study or work while in Canada.
  • Receive access to three months of health coverage under the Interim Federal Health Program to help address any urgent medical needs.

To learn more about this stream, visit: Crisis in Gaza: Special measures for extended family members in Gaza

For Palestinians or Israelis already in Canada:

These multiple-entry temporary resident visas will be valid for up to 3 years or the length of the person’s passport validity, whichever comes first.

IRCC Helpline:

  • Webform: Visit: IRCC Crisis Webform and select “Gaza special measure” or “I need help with something else and I am impacted by the crisis in Israel and the Palestinian Territories” depending on your situation.

  • Phone: For people both in Canada and abroad, call 613-321-4243. Collect calls are accepted.

Settlement support in Calgary:

All successful applicants under these measures will be eligible for free settlement services, such as:

  • getting a language assessment and accessing language classes
  • looking for a job
  • basic needs (food, housing, clothes)
  • signing up your kids for school
  • learning about community services

To access these services, please fill out this webform: Settle with Gateway