Canada Launches New Immigration Streams to Support Skilled Refugees and Displaced Individuals

On June 12, 2023, the Government of Canada introduced two new streams under the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP), reinforcing Canada's commitment to empowering skilled refugees and displaced individuals to rebuild their lives with enhanced opportunities for education, training, and career advancement.

The Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot, also known as EMPP, is a program that assists skilled refugees and their families in immigrating to Canada through one of its economic immigration programs.

The newly launched streams aim to provide tailored pathways for candidates based on their employment situation:

  •  Through the EMPP Federal Skills Job Offer Stream, Canadian employers can hire qualified candidates to fill a wide range of in-demand jobs, including nurse aides, personal support workers, long-term care aides, software engineers, web designers, mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians, logistics and warehouse workers, tourism and hospitality workers, and truck and delivery service drivers.
  • The EMPP Federal Skills Without a Job Offer Stream recognizes that certain candidates have skills that are in high enough demand that they will find work after they arrive in Canada.

Previously, refugees with relevant skills could utilize the EMPP by applying for one of the following Canadian immigration programs:

EMPP serves as a catalyst for refugees and displaced individuals to leverage their skills and positively impact their lives, families, and communities. By leveraging the EMPP, newcomers can contribute to in-demand fields, ranging from healthcare and engineering to logistics and hospitality, enhancing their own lives and the communities that embrace them. This expansion showcases Canada's commitment to global labour mobility and a responsive immigration system.

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