Core Connections Program Update

Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) will be making modifications to the Core Connections program. As of November 1, 2022, Core Connections will no longer provide youth networking activities, mentorship services, and recruitment/community engagement activities.

We will work with our valued clients to ensure a seamless transition process and no gaps in service delivery. We will also continue to refer newcomer youth, ages 18 and older, to appropriate community programs and services through Gateway.

Core Connections will continue its great work leading the Anti-Bullying Initiative and United Voices.

Anti-Bullying Initiative

Children and youth who are vulnerable or marginalized in our society are at higher

risk of becoming the victims of bullying, and service providers find it difficult

to address this issue due to limited support and resources. In response to this increasing need, Immigrant Services Calgary launched the Anti-Bullying Initiative (ABI), a training for community leaders to learn the necessary tools to lead antibullying efforts in their communities.

This free 4-hour long training is offered to Alberta’s frontline service providers who can utilize the knowledge and skills gained from the training to help the youth they serve build their capacity to stand up to bullying in a safe and non-judgmental way. 

United Voices

The United Voices: Immigrant Youth Wellness Summit is the first southern Alberta mental health summit targeted towards newcomer youth. The summit is supported by a partnership of 25 mental health, youth, and newcomer-serving agencies that aim to raise awareness about mental health and empower youth with the appropriate resources to keep them resilient in the face of challenges. The annual event is attended by youth from Calgary and Southern Alberta.  

If you have any questions regarding this update, please connect with Hanne Brahim, Manager of the Family Resource Centre, by emailing