Dina Karimova- Volunteer of the Month for April 2024

For a person constantly seeking opportunities to give to others, being in a new country did not change anything. Dina Karimova arrived in Canada from Ukraine in September 2022.  

As she settled in Calgary, she began to look for ways through which she could help others. She learned about Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) through a Facebook group and became a volunteer in September 2023. Since then, Dina has completed about 151 volunteer hours with ISC’s Client Care team and the Interpretation & Translation Centre. Her ability to speak Ukrainian, Russian, and English allows her to assist clients in their first language.

Volunteering makes Dina happy because it allows her to give to others. She believes that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

“This truth always works in my life,” she said. 

While volunteering with the Client Care team, Dina’s compassion for helping newcomers and their families became obvious. Abdallah Abushammala, manager of Client Care at ISC, noted how Dina guides clients in their transition phase with so much empathy.

“We are grateful for her compassionate spirit and unwavering dedication to supporting newcomers,” he said.

Dina recommends that others volunteer because it allows them to learn more about the Canadian workplace and gain valuable work experience. For her, through volunteering, she can help other immigrants, develop her communication skills, expand her network, and explore career opportunities in the host organization.

She hopes to continue volunteering because “it is a pleasure to see smiles on people’s faces.”