Empowering Employers for the Future of Work (EEFW)

Empowering Employers for the Future of Work is a research project funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). The project is focused on the IT industry, designed to understand the challenges faced by the workforce and identify the right combination of social-emotional skills that employers should require from their workforce.   

Due to automation and technological advancements, the Canadian labour market and economy are evolving. In the IT industry, the need for routine tasks and manual skills has shifted towards the increasing demand for social-emotional skills. With this rapid evolution, employers face challenges in preparing workers for the modern workplace and digital economy.  

Benefits for Employers: 

  • Adjust to the pace of the evolving digital era, which has changed the way we work and the skills we need to be successful.  
  • 40 hours of free customized soft-skills training for staff and 10 hours of training for leaders. 
  • Obtain a final toolkit containing training resources that will align with the skills required in the digital economy.  
  • Improve staff retention, inclusivity, productivity, and well-being.  
  • Access to the training resources for future onboarding and professional development. 

Employer Eligibility: 

  • IT-Based 
  • Small-medium in size (up to 500 employees) 
  • Calgary-based 
Phase 1: 

Through focus group discussions with technology employers, we are investigating the soft skills needs and challenges the sector is experiencing within their teams as they proceed towards the future of work in the hybrid and remote economy. 

Phase 2:

We will collaborate with selected employers interested in improving the soft skills of their teams. Our team will design, deliver, and evaluate customized skills training aligned to the specific needs of each organization. The training will be fully funded through ESDC and will cover skills such as communication, collaboration, adaptability, problem-solving, creativity, and leadership. 

Phase 3:

It includes monitoring and evaluating the impact of the training in the organization.

How You Can Get Started:   

Participate in our Employer Focus Group! Business owners, training and development managers, and HR leaders are invited to meet with our Immigrant Services Calgary training specialists to explore the essential skills required for successful employment in the IT industry. 

Contact us to sign up for our next focus group or to get more information:  

Jasleen Sandhu, Employment Engagement Officer

or Call 403-265-1120 ext. 234

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