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Free Language Resources

For Beginner Learners (CLB 1-3)

Rosetta Stone

Improve your English skills with this interactive program. The app is free if you download it from the Calgary Public Library – Digital Library site. (A library card is necessary to use the program.) 


You can learn vocabulary and grammar here through interactive exercises. 

ESL Literacy Readers

Readers for literacy learners. Click on a level and choose Audio Book. 

English Express 

You can find articles for low literacy readers and English language learners here. Some articles have recordings that you can listen to, and read along. 

Janis’s ESL Home Page 

Learn new words here and practice them. 

ESL / EFL Basic Vocabulary Word Lists 

Learn words here and play games with them. Vocabulary

Learn and practice English words. 

Randall’s Cyber ESL Listening Lab 

Practice listening here: listen to the recording and answer the questions. 

ESL: English as a Second Language-- Free English Learning Resources 

You can practice reading here. 

Games to Learn English 

Have fun with English! 

For Intermediate Learners

Breaking News English

The website has over 2800 English lessons on 7 different levels. You can find recordings there and lots of exercises to practice reading and listening.  

Learning English with CBC 

Practice English by watching a video or listening to audio and using an online quiz. You will find the script of the recordings too.  

Dave’s ESL Café

Useful source of grammar and vocabulary exercises. 

Randall’s Cyber ESL Listening Lab 

Lots of recordings with comprehension questions. If you move your mouse to Listening Activities in the top right corner, you can find easier or more difficult tasks. 

BBC Learning English

Helpful learning exercises from the British Broadcasting Corporation.

For All Learners

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online

Just type the English word in the box at the top, click on the word from menu, and you will get an easy-to-read explanation with examples. 

British Council

Start with the test to find out your level then go to Getting started and choose a section you want to work on. 

Activities for ESL Students

Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English vocabulary and grammar. 

English Listening Lesson Library Online

ELLLO offers over 2,500 free listening lessons beginner, intermediate and advanced students. You can listen to a recording or watch a video. Then you can do grammar and reading comprehension exercises. 

Voice of America – Learning English

Learning English is VOA’s source of news and information for English learners. 

Assess Your English Online