Jasjeet Inder Kaur- Volunteer of the Month for February 2021

Jasjeet walks through the Rocky Mountains carrying her cameraPlease join us in congratulating Jasjeet Inder Kaur for being nominated as Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the month for Febuary 2021!

Jasjeet has been volunteering with Immigrant Services Calgary since August 2019. She is highly versatile and has volunteered in different roles including our children’s preschool learning programs and the Community Digital Literacy Initiative.

Jasjeet's lessons have been enjoyed by the children in the Zoom rooms. It’s a family affair as her son Jagbir gets involved in creating the activities and modeling. She engages her family members to create Powerpoint presentations and movement lessons. She consistently uses her knowledge and expertise in education to inspire students in her son's class. Staff members have noticed a remarkable difference of growth in her son and his involvement with the programs since she started volunteering.

Jasjeet’s dedication in showing parents that their involvement matters in their children's education is a real testimony to her leadership style. She is dedicated and consistently goes above and beyond her duties as a participant. Staff members value her support and her ideas in the planning of lessons. The children in our programs feel a real connection to her and call her “The Yoga Lady,” or “Gym Teacher.” The immigrant children sent her a hidden Valentine’s video on Whatsapp to thank her for her part in leading the class lessons.

“We have truly enjoyed having Jasjeet as part of our parent volunteers with the Early Learning Across Cultures program. We value our volunteers and see it as a real opportunity to build skills outside of only participating in the programs. Keep up the hard work, and stay involved in your children's education - it is vital to the success of all.”

Darlene MacLeod, Early Childhood Program Team Lead and Facilitator