Kulbir Dhillon – Volunteer of the Month for April 2021

Kulbir sits on a bench in a local parkKulbir Dhillon is a proud Canadian, she is an amazing multitasker, providing both meals and homework assistance for her two children and being the coordinator for her husband’s real estate business. She loves to volunteer for Immigration Services Calgary, where she can help the needy and support her community. Kulbir says she feels grateful to be able to give back through volunteering. 

Kulbir has volunteered with Healthy Start Calgary Program since March 2020. She has worked remotely providing support to clients every Friday for more than 40 weeks during our weekly workshops. During the raising her first child, she found many challenges accessing information and resources in the community. In having this experience, it made her more empathic toward the parents participating in the program and she uses her empathy and experience to share her knowledge about being a new mom in Canada.

Kulbir has attended a total of 44 sessions, including six cooking classes. She also spends time to prepare for each class for a total of 50 hours in 2020. She continues her volunteer work with the Healthy Start Calgary program in 2021 and is looking forward to providing in-person support in the future.

“She is a kind and unconditional person; she always gives the best of herself. I am fortunate to work with Kulbir.”


Program Coordinator