Latest Immigration Updates: Express Entry Enhancements and Tech Talent Strategy Unveiled by Canada

Launch of Canada's Tech Talent Strategy

The Government of Canada launched its first-ever strategy to attract top talent and drive innovation in high-growth industries. Measures include open work permit for H-1B visa holders in the US, innovation stream, promotion of Canada as a destination for digital nomads, and improvements to the Start-up Visa Program.

By implementing these initiatives, Canada is demonstrating its commitment to welcoming skilled professionals, addressing workforce shortages, and positioning Canada as a global leader in research, development, and innovation.

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Express Entry Invitations for Skilled Newcomers with STEM Experience

The highly anticipated first round for category-based selection, specifically targeting candidates with expertise in STEM fields, is set to launch during the week of July 5. This strategic focus on STEM experts, including data scientists, software developers, mathematicians, statisticians, actuaries, and electrical and electronics engineers, underscores Canada's dedication to strengthening its science and technology sector. By attracting these skilled talents, Canada aims to drive innovation and enable businesses to unlock their full growth potential.

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New Immigration Stream Specific to Health Workers

To address the pressing shortage of health workers in Canada, the Government has taken steps to facilitate the immigration of professionals in the healthcare sector.

The first and second dedicated rounds for health workers, including doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and optometrists, were opened on June 28 and July 5 and invited 2,000 individuals to apply. This strategic approach aims to enhance access to healthcare services for Canadians and their families while supporting the Government's commitment to welcome in-demand professionals.

These category-based selection rounds will continue alongside general invitation rounds throughout the year, with further details to be announced soon.

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First-Ever Express Entry Invitations for French-Speaking Newcomers

Canada recognizes the importance of the French language and aims to create an inclusive environment where individuals can thrive in their language of choice. To enhance the vitality of French linguistic minority communities and support economic growth, Canada has modified its Express Entry system to offer a streamlined pathway for French-speaking immigrants.

On July 7, the Government of Canada announced the introduction of the first Francophone round for category-based selection. This initiative not only promotes the French language, but also addresses labour shortages in non-Quebec communities. By prioritizing French-speaking and bilingual workers, Canada upholds its commitment to attract global talent and bolster the economy.

These category-based selection rounds will continue alongside general invitation rounds throughout the year, with further details to be shared in the upcoming weeks.

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