Meet Yumna: From Pakistan to Canada, unleashing potential and finding career success in Calgary

Originally from Pakistan, Yumna landed in Canada in March 2020—only three days before Canadian borders closed due to the pandemic.

Both her and her husband were working in the Middle East, and while they held lucrative jobs, they weren’t able to settle there permanently. They wanted to move somewhere they could call home.

When she arrived, she was eager to apply for jobs and network, but it was a challenge with pandemic lockdowns. A friend recommended Immigrant Services Calgary to help her succeed faster.

Yumna connected with an Immigrant Services Calgary employment counselor and received guidance on her resume and job search. She attended virtual networking events and other free workshops that helped her understand the Canadian culture, employment, banking, and healthcare systems. With the support of her employment counselor, she landed a job in her area of expertise, and is now building the career of her dreams.

“The support and the encouragement we received from people who were strangers to us was phenomenal and unexpected,” she says. “We didn't know a lot of people in Calgary, so with that much support from people who you don't know, it's just something else.”

Yumna is a strong believer in paying it forward. She hopes every newcomer gets the support they need to adapt to their new home, thrive, and unleash their full potential.

"Canada seemed like the perfect option from what we researched,” says Yumna. “We read that the people were nice and welcoming, and it was actually the truth when we came here and experienced that. In Canada, you find opportunities and you can actually settle for the long term.”

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