Ouhayla Mousawi – Volunteer of the Month for October 2022

Ouhayla Mousawi first immigrated to Canada from Lebanon in 2014. Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) was her first station in helping her settle in her new home in Canada and start a new chapter. She received employment and education counselling services at ISC which empowered her in her journey as a new Canadian and inspired her to give back through volunteering.

As a part of her volunteering activities, Ouhayla supported the Calgary Board of Education pilot project during the pandemic. She exhibited excellent communication skills and a welcoming attitude while escorting clients to their English assessment appointments, making it a comfortable experience for them. Currently, Ouhayla is supporting the Calgary Language Assessment and Referral Centre team in conducting follow-up surveys with clients. We are truly grateful for Ouhayla's valuable contributions, dedication, and support for newcomers! This is her story:

"Drawing from my own experience as newcomer, ISC's mission, vision, and values motivated me to volunteer. Volunteering with ISC made a big difference in my life. It enhanced my skills and my confidence. It also helped me to connect with new people from different cultures and backgrounds. My favourite part was connecting with clients, listening to their needs, and being able to help them over the phone. I will keep volunteering to stay in touch and involved in my community."

“Ouhayla has been an active volunteer since 2019. She is deeply committed and consistently goes above and beyond assigned activities. Ouhayla has completed over 75 hours with us and continues to be very dedicated and committed to supporting ISC and immigrants and refugees in their new life in Canada.”

Volunteer Team

Congratulations, Ouhayla!