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English Testing & Referral
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Our English testing services are free for immigrants with permanent resident status or Canadian citizenship. After you complete your English exam, you will be referred to the LINC program (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) or the ESL (English as a Second Language) program. LINC programs are free for those who qualify and ESL programs are usually fee-based.

Canadian Language Benchmark tests available at Immigrant Language and Vocational Assessment - Referral Centre (ILVARC) are:

  • Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment (CLBA)
  • Canadian Language Benchmarks Placement Test (CLBPT)
  • Enhanced Language Training Placement Assessment (ELTPA 6-10)
  • Canadian Language Benchmarks Literacy Placement Test (CLB-LPT)
  • Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment for Literacy Learners (CLBA-LL) 

Testing services are offered in two locations: ISC office and Genesis Centre. If you live in areas outside Calgary, you may be able to access our remote assessment services.

If you need more information or to register, please call 403-262-2656.

Information about ESL classes can be found in the ESL Program Directory [April - August 2020].


Specialized Testing

CELBAN test (Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses) is required for internationally-trained nurses who want to apply for licensure in the nursing profession in Canada. You can register online at http://www.celbancentre.ca.

For more information, please contact Mauricio at 403-262-2656 ext. 336 or MauricioO@immigrantservicescalgary.ca.


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