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Professional Interpreter Training

Our Language Bank offers online interpreter training and facilitates the Interpreter Proficiency Test in affiliation with Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities (CISOC).

Interpreter Proficiency Test – CILISAT (Community Interpreter Language and Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool)

This test evaluates the language and interpretation proficiency of individuals who want to pursue a career in language services. The CILISAT test is administered at our offices.

For details of CILISAT, you may visit

The fee for CILISAT test is $200. A certificate fee of $20 will apply if the candidate passed the test. To book the test, please fill out the CILISAT Request Form. If you need more information, please email

Online Interpreter Training

The following online training courses will help you to learn or expand your knowledge in the area of interpreting protocols and terminology. They will also provide you with the flexibility to study remotely, at your own pace:

  • Community Interpreter Training (CIT)
  • Medical Knowledge and Terminology Training (MKTT)

For details of the above training courses, you may visit

The fee for CIT is $355.00 plus taxes and the fee for MKTT is $455.00 plus taxes. To register with ISC, please fill out the Training Request Form. If you need more information, please email