Renting a Home in Alberta

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The capital of Canada is:

Which three oceans border Canada

There are __ provinces and __ territories in Canada.

The population of Canada is estimated to be around:

The five regions of Canada are Atlantic Region, _________, _________, West Coast and _________.

The _________Region covers more than one-third of Canada’s land mass.

In which region does more than half the population of Canada reside?

One-third of all Canadians live in this province:

The mountain range located between Alberta and British Columbia is called:

Where are the Great Lakes located?

What provinces are located in the Prairie Region?

In what city are the Parliament buildings located?

The Canadian province with the smallest land size is:

The St. Lawrence River is the major river in:

Nunavut became a territory on:

The mineral rich rock formation in the northern part of Central Canada is called:

The largest province is:

The capital city of Alberta is:

The largest city in Alberta is:

The only Canadian territory which shares a border with another country is:

Most Francophone Canadians reside in

True or false: the only officially bilingual province is Quebec.

The provinces of the Atlantic Region and their capital cities are:

The territories and their capital cities are