Samah Hannane – Volunteer of the Month for October 2021

Samah smiles while standing in front of a turquoise lake in the Rocky MountainsSamah Hannane has only been volunteering with Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) for a short time, but she has already made a big impact with her warmth, dedication and confidence!

She moved to Canada with her family in July 2020 from Algeria, seeking a new beginning in the Rockies. Soon after, she fell in love with Calgary! Samah is a trilingual speaker, with English being her 3rd language. She has worked hard in the last year to improve her English skills and feels she’s now even more prepared to contribute to her community.

Samah volunteered with Immigrant Services Calgary during our Calgary Board of Education (CBE) pilot program. She enjoyed meeting the ISC staff, making new connections, and helping teachers. Samah was an amazing help during her volunteer shifts. She easily took scheduling changes in stride and was a whiz at administrative tasks. After a week working alongside program coordinators, Samah had gained the knowledge to provide coaching and guidance to new volunteers. Her favourite thing about volunteering is how it brings her closer to the community. She has met new people and made goods friend through her volunteer work.

Samah has recently started a new role in bookkeeping. Her future career plans include working towards a Chartered Professional Accountant designation.

“I love to volunteer. Immigrant Services Calgary was for me the best organization to meet newcomers, make new friends, and build self-confidence!”

Samah Hannane