Tetiana Miroshnikova – Volunteer of the Month for December 2023

Volunteering has been a constant in Tetiana Miroshnikova’s life since her high school days. After graduation, Tetiana temporarily settled in Mexico and China, where she continued volunteering while learning the local languages.

The Kharkiv, Ukraine native moved to Calgary with her young family in May 2023. Tetiana says the destruction of her city caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war has fueled her motivation to volunteer in Canada.

“I find solace in giving back to both my local community in Calgary and the people back home—my city, family, classmates, and neighbours are my constant inspiration,” she said.

Tetiana’s journey with Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) started shortly after she arrived in Calgary, when she sought the support of ISC and Gateway to help her family settle in the city.

“Immigrant Services Calgary and Gateway became our go-to sources for informational support. The multilingual counsellors’ dedication, coupled with personalized assistance, left a lasting impression,” she said.

In fact, the staff left such an impression on Tetiana that she immediately sought ways to give back.

 “Knowing that Immigrant Services Calgary serves hundreds of newcomers daily and being part of a team that makes a difference in their life is incredibly rewarding,” she said.

Tetiana volunteers with ISC’s Interpretation & Translation Centre (ITC), supporting clients at the front desk. Fluent in four languages—English, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Mandarin—Tetiana has been an invaluable addition to the ITC team.

Marram Hajjo, the volunteer team coordinator, says Tetiana’s excellent communication and administrative skills have been a tremendous support to the client services team.

Since starting her volunteer journey with ISC in September, Tetiana has accumulated over 100 hours of giving back. She plans on continuing to do so regardless of where life takes her.

“The meaningful impact on people’s lives is what I cherish most,” she said.

“There were times when [my family] received unconditional help, and giving back in similar situations is a powerful gift to humanity.”