Winnie Chan – Volunteer of the Month for July 2023

Winnie Chan relocated from Hong Kong to Canada in 2022 with degrees in e-commerce and business administration; cultivated expertise in sales, marketing, and international business; and plans to pursue business intelligence.

She believes the power of data and insights can drive informed decision-making, and says this “ultimately [leads] to growth and success.”

But the keen professional is also a dedicated Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) volunteer with a playful sense of humour.

“What kinds of clothes does a volunteer wear?” Winnie asked, before delivering the punchline: “Partici-pants.”

She began volunteering with ISC in September 2022 because she says the organization provides life-changing assistance and services to newcomers in Canada.

Since then, Winnie has committed 141 hours to what she describes as a “rewarding and joyful journey.”

“I find it incredibly meaningful and influential to contribute my skills and knowledge to this organization,” Winnie said.

So far, she has assisted with many roles including administrative work, client inquiries, and data analysis with the Interpretation and Translation Centre (ITC).

And she says the variety of experiences has made the work even more fulfilling.

“Through role rotation, I can broaden my exposure, build diverse connections and know myself differently,” Winnie said.

“This aligns perfectly with my passion for exploring different things, and at the same time making a positive impact on individuals transitioning to a new life in Canada.”

That impact hasn’t gone unnoticed.

ISC Volunteer Coordinator Maram Hajjo says Winnie is accountable, committed, organized, and a team player who can also work well alone.

“She has made a huge impact, and continues to make one while showing great professional communication skills,” Maram said.

“She is an extraordinary volunteer.”

“Winnie's exceptional problem-solving skills and teamwork bring immense creativity and valuable insights to ITC. Her infectious passion and optimism, coupled with a strong drive to assist newcomers, make her an incredible volunteer!”

Ian Eldred

Operations Lead, ITC