Zahra Entezarmahdi – Volunteer of the Month for December 2021

Zahra smiles at the camera while standing outsideZahra Entezarmahdi is a talented painter, photographer, and art instructor. She is a recent immigrant who moved to Canada from Iran in 2018. As an Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) volunteer, she created and facilitated free art classes for immigrant seniors which proved to be very popular and successful. Her role in helping her students expand their artistic skills and express their emotions through art has been crucial in promoting their wellbeing while keeping them engaged in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This is her story: 

“I love drawing and painting, and teaching art! I established a visual arts institution in Shiraz, Iran in 1999. There, I worked as both an art instructor and the manager until 2018. Ever since I immigrated to Canada, I tried to contribute to my community and expand my network by volunteering. I started to work as a volunteer art instructor for seniors with Immigrant Services Calgary in January 2021. Teaching drawing and painting to the seniors was a wonderful experience. While I was sharing my experience and artistic knowledge with my senior students, I always received their love, passion, and positive energy! This excellent experience helps me not only to be more engaged in my community, but also to find many wonderful friends. I really appreciate this great opportunity and I would like to thank Alina Ghita-Visinescu, Sara Naghedi-Ahmadi, and their lovely and professional team for it! I believe ISC is one of the most effective organizations in Calgary that makes a great impact in the community and immigrants’ lives. For me as an immigrant, it’s very important to be a small part of this great organization.” 

“Since I met Zahra, her positivity, optimism, and willingness to participate in Canadian society have been exemplary. Her art is stunningly beautiful to watch, but her excellence has not been limited to that. What has added value to who she is as an authentic, distinguished, and noble artist is her humility and generosity in sharing.”

Sara Naghedi-Ahmadi, Community Programs Facilitator